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When can I pay fee super refund?

- After checking your super details, we will inform you the fee payment and processing via email.

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I hereby authorise AIA Finance Accounting Consulting to act on my behalf in the capacity of accountant and registered tax agent (No. 77901008) to prepare and lodge my personal income tax return based upon information provided by me for the year of income which is true and correct.It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to retain this declaration for a period of five years after the declaration is made. By signing this declaration, the taxpayer agrees to AIA Finance Accounting Consulting holding these records on the taxpayer’s behalf. Important: the tax law imposes heavy penalties for giving false or misleading information.I acknowledge that I have read the above privacy statement and consent to the uses and disclosures listed therein and to other uses and disclosures allowed under the Act. I also consent to the transfer of our information, including personal information to another organisation on the sale, transfer or disposal of your business.I understand that by clicking I have read and agreed this terms & conditions means that I have signed this declaration.

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