ABN Registration Services

If you’re starting a new business you should get an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Once you’re set up, you may need to add or cancel a registration – for example, if you start employing people you need to register for pay as you go (PAYG) withholding.

If your business details change – for example, if you change your address or authorised contact person – it’s a legal requirement to tell ATO within 28 days so ATO can update the Australian Business Register and pass on the changes to other government agencies.

If you cease business, you’ll need to cancel your ABN and any tax registrations you may have.

We ‘Goodtaxback’ provide these following services;

♠ ABN Registration

♣ Online Registration in 10 mins

♥ Basic ABN Registration $80 Flat

♦ Yearly Reports and Returns

♣ Search for business name

♥ No Upfront Fee



What is an ABN?

An Australian Business Number (ABN) is an 11 digit number that identifies your business to the government and community, and is used for tax and business purposes.

Do I need an ABN?

Not everyone requires an ABN, however you may need an ABN for multiple reasons, including the following:

  • Having an ABN and putting it on your invoices/website can make your business look more legitimate. It also provides an easy way for your clients to confirm your business by doing an ABN lookup.
  • To register for GST or PAYG you will need to have an ABN
  • If the company expects to turnover $74,999 per year it will need to be registered for GST. To register for GST the company will need an ABN.
  • Most applications (including bank accounts) will require an ABN in addition to an ACN.
  • To register a business name you will need to have an ABN number for the company.

How long does it take to register a company?

The company registration form generally takes around 15 minutes to complete. Once submitted, the company will usually be registered within 2-3 mins.

The only exception to this timeframe is where ASIC needs to manually review your company name. If this is the case then you will be advised as you check the availability of the proposed company name. It can take ASIC up to 2 business hours to manually review a company registration application.

Does each individual business need its own ABN?

The general rule is one business number per business name/trader. If you want to have more than one ABN, you need to register multiple companies. Thus each company would have its own ABN. If you don’t register multiple companies, you will be using the same ABN for each company.

What is your refund policy?

EasyABNs guarantees, subject to the below exceptions, that you will receive your ABN within 14 working days, otherwise we will issue a full refund of the ABN fee (minus payment fees).


  • If the information you have supplied to us is incomplete or incorrect at the time of application, the 14 working day period will not start until correct information is supplied.
  • If you already had an existing ABN at the time of application.
  • If your application is rejected by the ATO and they require you to communicate with them, whether in person to present identification information or via telephone or email, our guarantee does not apply.
  • If an ABN application is marked for manual review, the ATO reserve the right to keep the application for up to 28 days, during which time they may contact you for verification. This is beyond our control and voids our guarantee.