We file tax returns for citizens and permanent residents

  • We are an Australian registered tax agency offering comprehensive and convenient tax services to individuals and businesses.

  • All Australians who earn above the $18,200 tax-free threshold are required by law to file a tax return. Failure to do so can lead to penalties and fines and so it’s advisable to file on time and compliantly.

  • Not only will we file your return but we will also check if you are due a tax refund. We find that most Australian citizens could be due a tax refund due to being eligible to claim work-related expenses or because of a range of other circumstances.

  • Whoever can claim Tax Refund at the end of financial year (June 30th), when tax from your wages have been deducted by your employer.

  • Based on 2018 financial year (July 1st 2017-June 30th 2018), if your total gross income is less than $20,500, you will get full tax refund.

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A lot of Australian citizens and residents overpay tax and are due to claim a tax refund

Your Free Tax Estimate

The deadline for filing your Australian Tax Return is October 31st

Receive your tax refund

We will need at least your PAYG form, a copy of your ID, your TFN number and a signed letter of engagement.

Find the package that's right for you

Simple Package $19

  • Total gross payments less than $25,000
  • A total of less than $300 in deductions
  • Except Capital Gains, Rental, and Business

Standard Package $30

  • Total gross payments over 25,000
  • A total of less than $300 in deductions
  • Except Capital Gains, Rental, and Business

Premier Package $75

  • Including rental, Capital Gains
  • Except business
  • Deductions greater than $300 and all tax offsets

Sole traders Package $95

  • All types of income
  • Including ABN income
  • Deductions greater than $300 and all tax offsets


How to pay fee of tax refund?

  • Before processing your tax return, you need to pay your fee
  • Please pay your fee to this account
  • Bank detaills
    BSB : 012-010  /  Acc No : 451937134  /  Acc Name : Sydney Youth Int

Do I need to pay fee in advance?

Our service fee is the lowest so you need to pay fee in advance.
However if you like to pay fee from refund, charge ($10) of bank account will be applied.

What is meaning of Free Refund estimate?

On basis of your tax papers and information, Accountant will do quick calculation and send you figures for lodgement. If you are not satisfied with the refund figures, you can always refuse to go ahead and we won’t charge you anything.

What if don’t have my Group cert (PAYG summary)?

Just email us some details – Full name, Date of birth, Tax file no and Mobile no and Accountant will search Tax Office records for your Group Cert for current and previous years.

Do I need to personally visit the office?

No Need of personal visit. Just email/fax your tax papers & wait for Accountant call. Accountant will answer all your queries, maximize your deductions and email you FREE tax refund estimate with option of same day tax refund.
If you want to visit and do tax return in our office, our fee would be from $65.

When can I get my tax return after confirmation of lodgement?

After your confirmation of  lodgement, we will process your tax return to ATO.
It takes 7 ~ 14 days (business days)

When is due date for tax return?

Last date is usually 31 Oct of each year.
However, if you have not lodged so far, then you must lodge immediately to avoid tax office audit and penalties.