• If you have worked and earned super while visiting Australia on a temporary visa, you can apply to have this super paid to you as a departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP) after you leave.

  • Before submitting your super fund application, check with your employer that they have paid all the super they are required to.

  • It’s a legal obligation for the employer of anyone earning more than $450 dollars a month to pay the equivalent of 9.5% of their salary into a super fund every month.

  • This does not come out of your wages but is an additional cost paid by your employer.

DASP for working holiday makers

In December 2016, the Australian Government introduced a new DASP tax rate for working holiday makers (WHMs). This change is related to the new income tax rate for WHM.

You are a WHM if you hold one of the below visas:

a 417 (Working Holiday) visa
a 462 (Work and Holiday) visa
an associated bridging visa.

From 1 July 2017, the new DASP WHM tax rate of 65% applies to DASPs made to WHMs where it includes amounts attributable to superannuation contributions made under a WHM visa.

It does not matter when you held a WHM visa. If you have ever held a 417 or 462 and associated bridging visas and the DASP includes amounts attributable to super contributions made while you held the relevant visa, the DASP WHM tax rate will apply.

The DASP WHM tax rate applies to the entire payment, including any super you may have earned while working under a different visa.


The amount of superannuation you can claim back is subject to the administration and insurance fees of your superannuation fund scheme, as well as a 65% withdrawal tax deducted by the Australian Government.

Yes! We can claim your Australian superannuation refund for you from as far back as 1994, provided you’ve left the country permanently and your visa has expired.
To get this money for you, we’ll need information like your superannuation fund name and membership number.

In case your info is correct , once at the superannuation fund office, your application should take up to 5~6 weeks to process.

♦ If you have Australian bank account, super fund will be transfered to your account.

♦ If you do not have Australian bank account, cheque will be issued and sent to your home address.

There are 2 options

  • You can transfer one super fund to the other super company for rollover.
    To rollover, you need to contact your super company by yourself.
  • Or, you can apply for super refund to each 2 super companies.
    Extra fee will be charged.
  • 1 super company $80
  • 2 super companies $80 + $60

After checking your super details, we will inform you the fee payment and processing via email.

You may be able to return to Australia on another visa even if you claim and receive your superannuation money.