Superannuation Refund Services

After departing Australia permanently, You can claim super!


Super information for temporary residents

If you're eligible for super guarantee contributions, at least every three months your employer

must pay into your super account a minimum of 9.5% of your ordinary time earnings, up to

the ‘maximum contribution base’ (rate current as of 1 July 2014).

If you are a temporary resident working in Australia, your employer has to make super guarantee contributions for you if you're



You can claim super benefits you accumulated while working in Australia if all of the following apply:

You visited on a temporary visa (excluding visa subclasses 405 and 410)

Your visa has ceased to be in effect

You have left Australia


Our Service for Super Refund

Communication with the Department of Immigration to cancel/confirm expiry of your visa, cancel visa

Personal service – direct call and email service

Search for your lost super

Flat Fee : $80


Payment method : you can choose one of these options

Cheque :
The cheque will be sent to your current address in your country (If your Australian bank account was closed)

Payment to your Australian Bank account :
(Bank name /BSB/ ACC No/ Acc name /bank statement required)


Apply Super Refund